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Cellét (A Masque for Ten Cellos)
3 Mar 2017
Conceived for Catherine Lehr Ramos' cellofest, Cellét is written in A Kafi (the Karnatic equivalent to the Greek Dorian mode). It's a dance, it's a drama, it's a culmination of ideas based on events that have taken place during the 2-3 month period that I composed it. I've never written anything for ten cellos, and this work coincided with media projects for video games and film; for which I was composing and orchestrating. You can image the crossing of ideas. I wanted to compose something that was thought provoking, deep, and that incorporates dance. I was initially asked to compose a hiphop piece; I thought about it for awhile, but how do you do that? I don't live inside of that box, and for me, composing any work, it must reflect what's happening in the present. With all the madness happening, I wanted to capture that. I compose music for all genres, and do not particularly take to labeling. Each work is unique to and for what it represents. Cellét is a true masque; full of drama an


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