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1 Mar 2019
Young: A Composers Passion Play
19 Feb 2019
Kerwin Young
Kerwin Young is among four composers honored by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra readings scheduled in early March 2019. National recognition by any major orchestra is no small feat, and definitely a well earned accomplishment through much persisten...
4 Jan 2019
Kerwin Young
Kerwin Young begins 2019 composing the film score to Miss Jackson, a dramatic film short directed by Seneca Robinson. Maestro Kerwin Young is quite pleased by the creative chemistry this composer-filmmaker collaboration offers, and looks forward t...
11 Dec 2018
Kerwin Young
Interview conducted by Namhiya Ati, 10 December 2018 Ati: Hi Kerwin, again it’s a pleasure to interview you. During our previous interview, you were composing your seventh symphony. How is that coming along, and what difficulties have you en...
14 Nov 2018
Kerwin Young
2018 has been a very busy year for composer Kerwin Young, who is now in the midst of writing his seventh symphony. The year has seen the completion of Symphony No. 6 (The Plagiarist) , his ballet suite Dumas-Pushkin Suite , the revised Reclamat...

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