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11 Dec 2018
Kerwin Young
Interview conducted by Namhiya Ati, 10 December 2018 Ati: Hi Kerwin, again it’s a pleasure to interview you. During our previous interview, you were composing your seventh symphony. How is that coming along, and what difficulties have you en...
14 Nov 2018
Kerwin Young
2018 has been a very busy year for composer Kerwin Young, who is now in the midst of writing his seventh symphony. The year has seen the completion of Symphony No. 6 (The Plagiarist) , his ballet suite Dumas-Pushkin Suite , the revised Reclamat...
28 Aug 2018
Kerwin Young
Contrary to belief, and due to much ignorance by interviewers who constantly reject publishing the facts I give them, I come from a traditional music background. I may not have had piano or violin lessons, but I was first chair alto saxophone in...
23 Aug 2018
Kerwin Young
Several people have requested that I post a list of all the rap artists I’ve worked with over the years. There may be a listing somewhere in a previous blog, but here is a dedicated blog that addresses this concern. Here is a complete list of ar...
22 Jun 2018
Kerwin Young
Super-Mega props to my buddy Brian Tyler for a kick-ass score to Kevin Costner’s Yellowstone . A few months back, I read in Film Score Monthly that Brian had the gig, but totally forgot; until I saw his name appear in the opening credits. What ...
31 May 2018
Kerwin Young
Hot off the press is the newly composed and completed ballet suite, Dumas – Pushkin Suite . Mentioned in my latest blog, it remains highly anticipated in Europe (France, Russia, Prague, and Berlin). It’s a homage to two of the greatest literary...
14 May 2018
Kerwin Young
Kerwin Young composes new orchestral suite adulating two literary icons, Alexandre Dumas and Alexander Pushkin. His Dumas-Pushkin Suite is highly anticipated in both France and Russia. It’s only a matter of time before America recognizes it’s ge...
26 Apr 2018
Kerwin Young
On April 22, 2018, the University City Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of maestro Leon Burke III, premiered my Season of Autocracy. University City Mayor, Shelley Welsch, on the final day of her term, issued a proclamation in honor of the conc...
5 Jan 2018
30 Aug 2017
Kerwin Young
Every orchestra in America that isn’t serving it’s community with music composed by living composers, and programming that does not engage or reflect the ethnic diversity of its city or community at large, should be terminated. Any orchestra not s...

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