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12 Jun 2017
Kerwin Young
The most agonizing moment is when you’re right in the middle of mocking up a bad-ass orchestral cue, and your computer freezes! That just happened to me! Luckily, I’d already saved the session. After re-booting, it froze twice more. I’ve long ne...
27 May 2017
Kerwin Young
In a conversation this morning with an artist/producer I know from Roosevelt, Strong Island, I mentioned “ managing a music publishing company is like managing a farm. There are many facets to attend to; more than you think. ” K!
26 May 2017
Kerwin Young
I just wrapped up Symphony No. 5 (Perseverance) . It’s approximately 46 minutes, and it about wraps up my lengthy orchestral works for awhile. The next group of orchestral works I’ve got lined up are all single movement works, and a lot shorter t...
17 May 2017
Kerwin Young
I’ve just completed the fourth movement of Symphony No. 5 . I’m working on movement two now; then I’ll be left to make final edits, which I do along the way. So far, the work is 40 minutes long. When finished, it’ll be a little under an hour. I’v...
28 Apr 2017
Kerwin Young
Recent Concert Works The recent success of Songbirds: Suite for Violin and Piano, has had seven performances since January, and it is my first breakout piece EVER. Inspired by its success, currently, I’m simultaneously composing Symphony No....
9 Jan 2017
Kerwin Young
January 2017 is under way, and I’m releasing three new albums. Each is designed to highlight my film scoring chops, and I hope, will appeal to seasoned filmmakers and film composer agents. Two albums, Nkrumah ,  and The Night Of… , are concep...

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