Kerwin Young

Prolific composer, conductor, recording producer, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, cultural ambassador, multi-musician, and educator. 

Kerwin is internationally known as a member of Public Enemy; specifically a core member of their production team known as the Bomb Squad. 

A conservatory trained composer of epic symphonies, orchestral fantasies and chamber works, Kerwin studied music composition with Chen Yi at the UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance. His works celebrate forgotten heroes and indigenous cultures; often accompanied by ethnic instruments and an instrumentation of superior intensity. 

Prior to composing any such work for the concert hall, Kerwin had been composing for major motion pictures and weekly television series since 1989, using the platform as a means for experimentation.

A Golden-Age Hip-Hop producer (Eric B & Rakim, 2 Live Crew, Gravediggaz, Mobb Deep, Ice Cube), Young's Hall of Fame status affords him the luxury of sharing his experience across several diverse cultures.  

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