Kerwin Young is a prolific and inventive composer, iconic recording producer, cultural ambassador, and amongst the few Hollywood composers with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame credentials . His works include countless orchestral fantasies, concertos, suites, works for Chinese and other non-western instruments, as well as f ive symphonies introduc ing fresh repertoire, new rhythms, and unconventional instrumentation to the classical music canon. The longtime producer of the legendary recording group, Public Enemy, Young has far since established himself as a serious composer.


His concert works highlight indigenous culture s , forgotten heroes , and current events. Kerwin is the creator of a unique system of music composition that he call s Geometric Khemistry, laden with personalized scales, chord structures, tone rows, symmetrical patterns, mysticism, and non-western rhythms . His unique sound is a direct reflection of t his personalized approach, and is fused with much self-borrowing that at times reflect the dissonant sounds of his song-writing for Public Enemy .

Kerwin's most audacious work; a classic work of high art , is his near three-hour Kasuf tetrology that includes Escape from the Evil Empire , Symphony No. 1 (Empire of Kasuf) , Symphony No. 2 (Khemet West) , and Symphony No. 4 (Kasufhetep I) . Lush orchestration, b ig brass, lots of percussion, a mass choir, and unconventional instruments add dramatic excitement to th e epic drama . Other orchestral works as Season of Autocracy , Reclamation , Bolivar , and U.S. Marshall - Bass Reeves (an Overture for an American Western) exhibit his genius for story-telling, and his mastery at orchestration. U.S. Marshal – Bass Reeves received high acclaim for Young's brilliant use of classical guitars, accordion, cimbalom, and male chorus. His inventive interplay with melody, harmony and rhythm, along with his lyrical voicing and tonal coloring assert new possibilities for the symphony orchestra .

As a media composer, Kerwin began his journey composing additional cues for the 1994 debut season of New York Undercover . His debut as a media composer began with Tar , the 1997 directorial debut for Goetz Grossman. Since 2014, Kerwin is the composer for the KCPT weekly new series Ruckus . However, it must be stated that since the late 1980's, Kerwin has composed and produced original songs for feature motion pictures as Do The Right Thing (1989), Green Card (1990), Sister Act 2 (1992), Streetfighter (1994), Dirty Grandpa (2016), and American Crime Story: The People Vs O.J. Simpson (2016).

Kerwin studied music composition with reknowned composers Chen Yi and Zhou Long, at University Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance. There, he also studied jazz big-band and ensemble writing, arranging, conducting, and harmony with Bobby Watson.

His works have been performed by Music From China, Kansas City Symphony, Chicago Modern Orchestra Project, Jeffrey Kail (Contrabass), Jeff Nelsen (French Horn), Tami Lee Hughes (The Legacy Show), and countless others.

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